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Aloe Vera Price Per Ton Dropped

Aloe Vera price per ton dropped in the Middle East and all buyers can find the latest prices on sidebar of this page. Compare these prices with prices announced on other sites and then order free samples to check out products.

Aloe Vera Price


Factors that helped us to reduce Aloe Vera price per ton:

We cultivate Aloe Vera in deserts. The most important factors of cultivate ing in desert are the following:

  • Climate
  • Industrial cultivation
  • high-yielding species
  • agricultural services

Here’s a brief description of these factors

The proper climate for Aloe Vera farming

Aloe Vera is native to warm and dry areas.
The plant needs temperatures between 17 and 24 ° C and is damaged in extreme heat and cold.
For this reason, it is not economical to plant in cold areas

And since most parts of desert are in warm and dry areas, it is easy to produce this plant at a low cost there. The Aloe Vera farming is for tropical regions.

In addition, the soil in deserts is suitable for planting Aloe Vera which lowers prices. Features of this type of soil increase the Aloe Vera production per acre

Therefore, we were able to reduce costs by selecting deserts to plant this product.


Industrial cultivation of Aloe Vera

Considering the Aloe Vera market value and its high demand globally, it should be produced industrially.
Our cultivation is industrial. And the whole process is under the control of professional experts.
With this method, we can manage the watering process and the inputs.

Although the Aloe Vera plant needs a little water, This means that, given the climate of the region and the warmth of the air, irrigation should be carried out every 15 to 10 days. we use the modern irrigation methods to control the Aloe Vera cost per kg

The important thing is regularity of irrigation, because the order in the irrigation will increase the function of the gel.
So, since the quality of the gel is important to us, we use a drip irrigation method

Aloe Barbadensis Miller

Planting suitable and high yielding species

Varieties of Aloe Vera are produced and supplied worldwide.
The species that we produce are medicinal and nutritional.
we produce Aloe Barbadensis Miller.
This type is demanded by Aloe Vera leaves buyers.

Most Aloe Vera selling agent who call us ask for organic Aloe Vera.
This kind of Aloe Vera has no pests in deserts, so there is no need to use toxins and pesticides.

If the farmer is careful about the choice of Aloe Vera and also places it in the right area, he can reduce his costs.
This, in addition to increasing the quality of the crop and obtaining an organic product, also reduces the cost of production.

Low prices for agricultural services in desert

Some of the developing country’s economy is weak.
In these countries costs are low because of the low value of money.
That’s why the workers’ wages are low. And they work with much lower wages than advanced countries.
Labor costs are one of the most costly production costs, and if it is high, it can eliminate production profits.

In these countries, the wages of other agricultural services are also lower than other countries.
Such as agricultural consultant services or facility maintenance services.

On the other hand, some services such as transportation use government grants. For this reason, they can offer their services at competitive prices.

These factors make the cost of agricultural products in deserts much lower than other places.
And that will make the Aloe Vera price per ton down.

The cost of Aloe Vera per kg is very low in suitable areas.
And that’s why Aloe Vera cultivation profit is high in those areas.

Low prices for agricultural services in Iran


With regard to the above, it is clear how we reduced Aloe Vera price per ton.

The quality of our products is high and they are organic.
However, the price per ton of our Aloe Vera is very competitive. Usually high-quality products are expensive and nobody believes in a cheap but quality product.
But as mentioned above by using our unique methods, we are able to offer quality products at low price per ton.
And this brings a lot of customers from all over the world.


Aloe Vera bulk wholesale

This product is offered by many Aloe Vera selling agents.
They usually buy products from farmers and sell them to world markets.
As a buyer of Aloe Vera, you should make sure of the product quality, before you buy it.
The best way to be sure is to ask the vendors to send you samples.
Some agencies only provide analysis and this is not enough.
Request an Aloe Vera sample from the seller and ask a laboratory to test it and tell you the result.
The test result should be standard and free of heavy metals and chemicals.

After assuring the result of the experiment, buy some as a sample of products. By doing this you can know the seller. You should also know the seller, in addition to the quality and price per ton of the product.

After ensuring the seller’s accountability, you can sign big contracts with him.


Aloe Vera cultivation profit

The Aloe Vera plant is considered to be a permanent herb due to the many pups that it produces and the rejuvenation of the farm for free.
Aloe Vera is planted once, but it yields up to 30 years .
Aloe Vera plant can be harvested in all seasons.
So Aloe Vera farmers’ income is not a single-season income.
They can harvest and earn on all seasons.

It dose not have Costs such as re-cultivating, tillage, Fertilization… .
It’s need for water is also low These issues make Aloe Vera cultivation profit high.
Aloe Vera is one of the most prosperous crops.

The minimum land needed for planting this plant is 1000 square meters.
In each square meter, 4 bushes are arable crops. Of the 4,000 plants, about 25 to 50 tons of products, including plant leaves and pups, can be harvested.


Aloe Vera buyers

Pharmaceutical and food manufacturers are Aloe Vera buyers.
Due to the high demand for this product, there are several companies that guarantee to purchase farmers’ products, and there are usually no concerns about product sales.

A lot of products are produced from Aloe Vera gel.
Products such as a variety of soft drink, jams, pickles, drugs such as slimming medicine… and cosmetic products.

Products that are made using the Aloe Vera gel are very top-selling. And for this reason, companies that manufacture these products can increase their sales by producing and supplying it.


Aloe Vera market value

Aloe Vera is widely used in food, cosmetics, crafts and pharmaceutical industries.
The market is steadily increasing and is being used by various types of Aloe Vera in the food, healthcare and cosmetics industry.

The global Aloe Vera market value was US$ 507 Million in 2017.
It is further expected to reach US$ 831 Million by 2023
The largest part of the Aloe Vera market is the healthcare and cosmetics sector.

Aloe Vera has many benefits and uses it in a variety of industries such as food, beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and so on.
Several studies have shown that Aloe Vera is present in many cases such as teeth and gum problems, constipation, foot injuries caused by diabetes, antimicrobial properties, ultraviolet radiation, skin problems,…

Another important factor in the growth of the Aloe Vera market is the acceptance of its consumers.
Consumers have been aware of its benefits and applications for several thousand years.
As a result, manufacturers do not have to spend a lot to advertise


Aloe Vera farming consultants

Due to the market’s high demand, there are many aloe vera farming consultants. They propose the most effective methods to farmers and meet their needs. In addition to advice, they provide farmers with the necessary plant and material.

They are now reproducing this plant as tissue culture.
In this method, in addition to the high speed of reproduction, the quality of the products is also high.

These consultants are always in touch with agricultural research centers and have access to the most up-to-date research in this field and provide the information to farmers.
Also, there are other advisers who advise farmers on the sale and export of Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera price list

Presenting the Aloe Vera price per ton list is one of the requirements of every producer.
Aloe Vera producers offer this list at a glance to consumers and dealers.
This listing can include product descriptions, wholesale price per ton, retail prices, product specifications, and other details.
This list should be scientifically written according to pricing methods
And in addition to maximizing profits, it must be competitive.

Pricing can be done in a variety of ways. But if an Aloe Vera producer can lower production costs, he must declare the price in proportion to his costs.
You can access the latest Aloe Vera price per ton on the sidebar of this page.
These prices are updated occasionally and they are real.

As stated in the list, they are on FOB terms, and if you are looking for the other Incoterms, please contact us.


Aloe Vera farming business

Due to the increasing demand for cosmetics made from Aloe Vera, the demand for Aloe Vera leaves and gel is high all around the world.
Therefore, the order of Aloe Vera companies for leaf and gel is also very high. The Aloe Vera planting business is a profitable business, provided you have the ability to do it.

You need a piece of land to get started.
You should keep in mind that this land does not have any specific characteristics except that it should be fertile and also have water.

Aloe Vera plant can be grown on any soil.
Ideal soil conditions are required for the cultivation of Aloe Vera, loose soils, with moderate fertility and high drainage.
The ideal temperature for keeping Aloe Vera is 15 to 25 degrees Celsius.
The Aloe Vera plant prefers a lot of sunlight.
Similar to cactus and other juicy plants, Aloe Vera does not require much watering.
And the irrigation time is when the soil around the plant is dried


Aloe Vera cultivation training

This plant is a perennial plant from the lily family. There are two hundred and forty different species of Aloe Vera, but only four of them have nutritional value.
Aloe Vera has thick, juicy leaves and jars. Care for the plum plant is like a cactus plant.
The Aloe Vera price per ton falls, if planting is systematically.


Reproduction of Aloe Vera

Reproduction of Aloe Vera occurs through its seeds and pups.
In order to produce Aloe Vera, it is recommended to cultivate it only through a pups.
The best planting distance between plants is 60 to 90 centimeters.
Of course, it is also recently commercially reproduced through tissue culture methods.
In the tissue culture method, by obtaining plant stem cells and differentiating them, it is possible to produce a complete plant.

The benefits of this approach include:

  • Accelerate duplication (about 50 to 200 times)
  • Genetic control of the plant
  • Production of matched plants with genetic stability
  • Pollution control
  • Disease control
  • High economic returns

Irrigation of Aloe Vera

The most suitable irrigation system is the Faro system (Creating soil stacks at defined intervals and planting on these ridges).
And in greenhouse crops are drip irrigation.
To produce a kilogram of this plant, about 150 ml of water is needed.


Aloe Vera harvesting time

It takes 18 to 24 months to mature the plant completely.
But about 8 months after the cultivation of the pups you can start harvesting.
Only the outer leaves of the plant that are longer than 20 to 25 cm should be harvested.
It should be noted that the yellow matter that leaves the bottom of the leaf does not mix with the plant gel.

After removing the leaves, it should be transferred to the washing facility immediately by refrigerated containers. After washing, they should be transferred to the gel extraction hall.

The harvest time has no effect on the price per tonne of Aloe Vera.
But the quality of the harvest has an impact on the price

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