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One of the features that Aloe Vera suppliers should have is that all the planting steps to produce Aloe Vera raw materials such as leaves, gels, powders, pulp, juices must be done by themselves.
Some Aloe Vera suppliers are just raw materials producers, so they buy their own leaf from local producers.
The disadvantage is that soil and weather conditions vary in different regions.
And this affects the company’s products and makes them unable to maintain the quality of the raw materials.


Aloe Vera raw materials

Raw materials extracted from Aloe Vera include:

In addition to the above, Aloe Vera leaves are also sold as raw.
There are also Aloe Vera tea, Aloe Vera fertilizer, and several other products.
These raw materials are widely used in the manufacture of food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

The most popular foodstuff made from Aloe Vera is the Aloe Vera drink.
And of course, other products such as jams and compote Aloe Vera have their fans.

Facial Masks, Serums, Soothing Gel, Toners, Lotions, Creams, cosmetics… can also be mentioned as cosmetic products.
It is also used in the manufacture of medicines for the treatment of burns and skin problems, or medicines for gastrointestinal problems, etc.


Aloe Vera price per kg

Aloe Vera price per kg is one of the most important parameters for any manufacturer of Aloe Vera products.
The price of these raw materials varies from country to country.
Also, during some years the price may change due to changing supply and demand in world markets.
Aloe Vera price per kg in India 2020 is likely to be lower than in 2019 as new countries have entered the field.
There are many manufacturing companies in the world that are superior to the Aloe Vera company in India in terms of product quality.
The prices of their products are also more competitive than these companies.
You can easily access these company profiles and Aloe Vera price lists by Google.


The price of Aloe Vera on B2B Sites

What to look for when looking for Aloe Vera suppliers is that you do not trust B2B site information and do not place the prices on those sites as a criterion for choosing a manufacturer.
The prices listed on these sites are often fake and their sole purpose is to attract customers.
Authentic manufacturers do not need to attract customers from B2B sites.
Note that many raw material suppliers rank is higher than B2B sites such as Alibaba in Google results.
And this is only made possible by the brand’s credibility.


Aloe Vera juice manufacturers

Aloe Vera juice manufacturers in India or in other countries are the most important Aloe Vera raw material applicants.
These companies use Aloe Vera gel and pulp to make a variety of flavored Aloe Vera drinks.
Some manufacturers also use Aloe Vera powder for making drinks.
Aloe Vera powder can easily be converted into Aloe Vera gel.
The advantage of using Aloe Vera powder in compared with a gel is its high shelf life.
Of course, its manufacturing standards are also a factor in its selection.
Because nanotechnology today can produce much higher quality powders than traditional drying methods.
There are companies in Bangalore or elsewhere in India that dry and produce Aloe Vera raw materials in the traditional way by the sun.


Aloe Vera business

Aloe Vera export business is a very lucrative job.
Whether international trade in Aloe Vera raw materials or trade-in finished products or retailing can be a huge source of income for those looking to earn high incomes.

This business has many categories and each category has its own profitability.
Any businessman can operate in one or more categories.
Aloe Vera raw planting and sale is one of these categories.

If you want to choose this category for your business, consider that the most important parameter to consider is choosing the right land for planting.

Be careful when choosing a planting location, as field and weather conditions will determine your income.
These conditions affect both the quantity and quality of the product.
Other categories like raw materials business or end-product businesses also have their own tips, which we will discuss in other articles, and we’ll explore the Aloe Vera suppliers more.


Aloe Vera raw material suppliers

Aloe Vera raw material suppliers supply materials needed by manufacturers of Aloe Vera end products.
These Aloe Vera suppliers exist in countries where Aloe Vera is planted.
Most of them are in the countries of South America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.
Of course, in some European and American countries, there are companies that work in this field.
However, most of them are in developing countries. Because in these countries the costs of production and the wages of the laborer are low.
And so its cost is much lower than elsewhere.

Nikaloe is one of the largest and best-known suppliers of Aloe Vera raw materials for many years.
If you are looking for Aloe Vera raw materials you can get in touch with your sales or support department and ask your questions.
And also if you have questions about where to sell Aloe Vera plant you can contact us.

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