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Aloin Powder suppliers │ Lowest price

Aloin Powder, also called BarbAloin, is made from the latex drying found in the Aloe Vera leaf.
The latex of this plant lies between the skin of the leaf and the gel.
After the leaf is cut, a yellow liquid is released from the bottom of the leaf, which contains a very high percentage of Aloin.
There are many Aloin Powder suppliers around the world that offer this product at different prices.
Like other Aloe Vera products, Aloin Powder is available in different qualities.
The prices of each manufacturer’s products vary depending on the quality.
However, in addition to quality, many parameters affect the Aloin Powder price.


Aloin Gel Powder

After the Aloe Vera leaf is harvested, a yellow material comes out of its incision, called the latex Aloe Vera.
This fluid is found between the shell and the gel in the leaves of most Aloe species.
However, the amount varies between species and usually comprises 0.1% to 6.6% of leaf dry weight.
By drying it, Aloin Powder is produced that is yellow like Aloe Vera latex.
It is used in the food and pharmaceutical industries.


What is Aloin used for

This product has medicinal uses.
Its most important use is for gastrointestinal diseases.
The use of Aloin Powder improves bowel movements.
It also prevents the absorption of excess water in intestinal.
However, according to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Aloe Vera drugs are not prescription drugs and should be used by a physician.
Keep in mind that it is forbidden to use this substance during pregnancy and lactation.

It is also used as a natural bitter in food.
It is widely used in the manufacture of alcoholic beverages.


Aloin Powder price

Like Aloe Vera powder, the price of this powder varies from country to country.
Aloin Powder suppliers in developing countries can easily keep Aloin Powder prices low.
Because in these countries the costs of production and the wages of the workers are very low.
You can easily request their prices by contacting companies that supply this material in developing countries.
Nikaloe is one of the suppliers of Aloin Powder in the Middle East that offers the best quality at the lowest price.

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