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bulk Aloe Vera with a good price

A bulk Aloe Vera trader does not miss this opportunity. Buying Aloe Vera products at a good price is what every successful businessman is looking for. You can read the price and terms of purchase on this page and contact us for more information.


What do you know about our products?

Our products, including leaves, gel, powder, oil and beverage of Aloe Vera are made from high quality plants immediately after harvest.
And since the time gap between harvesting and production is very low, the Aloe Vera’s properties are best preserved.
All herbs are organic and super organic.
We do not use any herbicide, pesticide or fertilizer during the growing process.
And therefore it does not have the smallest amount of toxins or other chemicals.

All stages from the selection of agricultural land and planting to the processing stages are under the supervision of experts.
And the final product will be released after standard testing. These tests also include tests requested by our customers.
And we are able to apply for a client’s order to obtain a variety of international certifications and standards.
We can also provide the conditions for major customers to visit and sample all stages of their work. Such an opportunity will not be offered by any company.
And we let the orders be done with costumer’s method.
And this reflects our confidence in our work


Features of our products

Since our company breeds and produces Aloe Vera organically, it can be used for any purpose.
This Aloe Vera gel can easily be used for babies because it does not contain any ingredients, colors, alcohol, flavor, and it is 100% natural.
It can also be used for shaving, moisturizing, or removing sunblock, skin problems, and more. It can also be used for pets.
This Aloe Vera gel is the best moisturizer for the face and body and it is easily absorbed by the skin and does not leave any trace on the clothes.
It is also a gel that is used as a makeup foundation.
Aloe Vera gel is suitable for sensitive skin. And you can easily use it after being in the sun for a long time. Using Aloe Vera Gel quickly eliminates the redness of the skin and cools it.


Very affordable prices

We only sell our products to factories and merchants in bulk. The price of our products is very competitive and you can use the discount if you pre-order it. You can contact us for special discounts

You can contact us to buy and sell this product:
Sales Manager: Jalal Alizadeh
Contact Us:
Mobile: 00989143140514
Whatsapp: 00989143140514
Sales Department:
Email: sales@herbalovera.com
More Information:
Email: info@herbaloevera.com

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