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Latest Prices │ Aloe Vera leaf wholesale company

This is an Aloe Vera leaf wholesale company. You can get our latest prices on this page. Please read this page If you demand Aloe Vera in bulk.

There are not many websites available to get the latest Aloe Vera price. And some B2B sites offer prices to attract customers.

Aloe Vera leaf farm

Our Aloe Vera company

We are active in the production and exporting Aloe Vera. Our company try to offer the best Aloe Vera products to our customers. We choose the most suitable lands for cultivation. choosing places with appropriate weather conditions for this product is one of our Priority. We plant in greenhouses as well as on farms. As you know the Aloe Vera grown in greenhouse is better in terms of quality than the product grown on the farm, and it’s a bit more expensive. Of course, the cost is very important to us, because our prices are much lower than the global price. On the whole our Aloe products are very high quality products, with very competitive prices. This causes many aloe vera suppliers to buy from us.


aloe vera farming

Aloe Vera cultivating in tropical regions of the world. If you plan to start an Aloe Vera farm, we suggest doing it in one of the tropical countries.

In addition to the weather, the production costs should also be noted.
Because the most important factor in the success of the Aloe Vera business is its cost.
Before choosing a location to invest, be sure to check the production costs there.
The most important production costs include the following:

  1. transport cost
  2. Workers wage
  3. Government fees
  4. The cost of agricultural services

aloe vera leaf buyers

aloe vera leaf buyers

Aloe Vera leaflets buyers should be in contact with new suppliers of Aloe Vera leaves for more profit.
These suppliers also offer Aloe vera gel and Aloe vera juice.
Because the terms of new suppliers are better than old vendors, smart and professional traders are always looking for new suppliers.
One of the reasons why these suppliers are attractive for buyers is competitive prices and more suitable services.

Aloe Vera greenhous

Aloe Vera leaf wholesale price

We announce the latest Aloe Vera leaf price for Aloe Vera trading companies and manufacturers. The prices we declare are real and practical and we will contract our customers at the same prices.

This price is related to our products and displays the minimum price of Aloe Vera in In the Middle East region. It is updated regularly. And you can use it as a valid source.


aloe vera leaves price

The price of Aloe Vera leaves is the price index of its other products.
Aloe Vera Gel and powder are the best-selling products of this plant.
The price of these products depends on the price of its leaf, but it will be expensive if it is not extracted in the same country where the leaf is produced because a lot of factors affect the price of these products.
The most important factors are the same factors as mentioned above.

Aloe Vera leaf exporter

Aloe Vera leaf exports

Aloe vera cultivation is growing steadily in the Middle East and exports to many countries around the world. Cosmetic and medicine industries are the largest aloe vera  buyers. Aloe Vera is used to produce 70 types of drugs and more than 400 types of health, cosmetics, medicines and edible products.

We are trying to increase our supply globally, and always looking for new customers in new countries.

Aloe Vera leaf export chart

Aloe Vera leaf wholesale buyers

Aloe Vera buyers in Europe are our main customers. Of course, manufacturers of Aloe Vera products are also in direct contact with us. Pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies often apply for Aloe Vera leaf and gel. Countries purchasing our products are America, Germany, Korea, France, Japan, Canada, Spain, Australia, Italy, China, and Brazil.

But the biggest purchases are made by several countries: the United States, Germany, Korea, France, Japan and Italy.

You can contact us to buy and sell this product:
Sales Manager: Jalal Alizadeh
Contact Us:
Mobile: 00989143140514
Whatsapp: 00989143140514
Sales Department:
Email: sales@herbalovera.com
More Information:
Email: info@herbaloevera.com

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